Intercom systems, what are they and what do they do?

In any show, both television and theatre or concerts, coordination is essential. An intercom system allows the director to be in contact with his cameras, responsible for sound and lighting on set, regidor, etc. Allows internal communication to the organization, which can be synchronized without interfering with other equipment, wireless sound, etc.

With the amount of different equipment that exists in a concert, a theatre or a television set, there is an indispensable quality that every best wireless video intercom system for the home must have: reliability. So that there is no interference, that no equipment stops working, that the scope is adequate, etc. Any error or breakdown can spoil this synchronization, and in passing the whole show.

What is an intercom made of?

  • Base station –┬áIt can be wired, wireless or mixed.
  • Desktop station
  • Headphones (with micro).
  • In the control of realization or central control is the base station, to which a headset is connected with micro for the director or director, and the desktop station that incorporates a loudspeaker and a flexo microphone, or simply a system of external loudspeakers and a microphone by which the instructions are transmitted.

From there the director sends the instructions to the different operators (camera, alderman, illuminator, sound technician).

These would each carry a flask and headphones with micro, where they listen to the director’s orders and communicate with him since the system is bidirectional.

The base station must be connected to these portable stations (flasks). It can be through audio cable with 3-pin connectors, or wirelessly. Wired systems are especially useful for operators who do not need to move (audio, lights).

All this system can be extended for larger needs: through intercom matrixes, Bluetooth adapters, wired and wireless mixing, including the set cameras in the system …

What equipment is necessary for an intercom?

The most important thing to acquire a system of this type is to anticipate the needs that the organization will have, regarding the number of operators as to scope and functionality. Altair is one of the most used brands for this type of equipment, we see some of its products.

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