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Apply Online LLR AP, Book Slots Online & Download LLR AP 2023

After you’ve made a payment for your LLR slot, you need to edit the application form to get your licence.

You can drive your own vehicle without relying on other people to do it for you. Furthermore, it is a flexible and fun career choice for many people who want to drive cabs, tractors, and trucks.

For the driver to enjoy the privilege of driving, he or she must first take lessons at an authorized or recognized driving school.

The state of Andhra Pradesh has its own unique road and licensing system as a mass country with multiple states. Drivers can obtain their licenses through digital platforms in Andhra Pradesh, a developed state in India.

Various motor vehicle details are processed by drivers and the traffic department according to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. In order to obtain a driving license, individuals interested in driving must obtain the LL (learner’s license). Before obtaining a permanent driving license (DL), the AP government and RTO require the user to obtain the LL (learner’s license).

Learners License (LLR)

Apply Online LLR AP

Applicants interested in the Learners license should apply through the official website “epragathi” or the link A Motorcycle without Gear (MCWG) license is available for people ages 16 and older. It contains services such as a fresh test, retest, and endorsement.

Non-transport category vehicles can be applied for by those 18 years old and over. Transport category vehicles can be applied for by those within 20 years of age. However, one must hold a non-transport category license for one year before applying for the transport category.

AP Learner’s License FEE Payments (table)

AP LLR Test Slot Booking

The steps to book an AP LLR test online and check availability

A test slot must be booked online before an applicant appears for the LLR test.

  • You can access the official website by clicking here.
  • Visit
  • You can now book DL and LLR test slots for AP transport.
  • Confirmation, modification, or cancellation links will be provided on the page.
  • Select the slots available information:
    • Service type
    • District
    • Select the test centre
  • Open the calendar by clicking “check availability”
  • Complete the booking process by selecting your preferred dates.

AP Transport LLR Slot Booking Availability

  • Visit andhra pradesh transport aprtacitizen epragathi official website link
  • Visit
  • Select Driving licence Tab –> DL/LLR Slot Availability
  • Select Service type, District, Select Test Center
  • Press “check availability” button
  • Web portal will display available slots

AP LLR Application Status Check

Step by step to Check Learner’s License Application Status Online

  • Visit the Transportation Department’s website
  • “Document Delivery services” > “license” should be selected.
  • Enter your learner’s license application number and the application number for your learner’s license.
  • On the screen, the system displays the application status based on the details entered.
  • In this case, the page will display the EMS number once the license is ready.

Andhra Pradesh LLR Correction step by step process

Steps to Correct The Learner’s License Details

  • Find out who processed the license at the RTO.
  • Provide the correct documents as proof of corrections to the officers.
  • LL licenses and correction application forms will be requested from the officer.
  • Changes will be approved by the RTO after checking the details.
  • Pay the nominal fee and wait a few days for approval.
  • You will receive a receipt that can be used as a learner’s permit.

Duplicate Learner’s License

Required documents for duplicate LL

  • Form for applying for a LLD.
  • Fees for applications
  • A copy of the FIR (for a lost LL)
  • Documents showing proof of age and address
  • Learner’s license details.
  • A recent passport photo.

How to Apply for a Duplicate Learner’s License in AP

  • The RTO office where your original LL was issued is where you should go.
  • Once you receive a duplicate LL application form, fill it out with the required information.
  • Applicants must present proof of their learner’s license and enter the following information:
    • LL Number
    • Applicant’s name
    • Date of learner’s license
    • Date of birth
    • Address
    • Identity details.
  • Officials from the RTO will verify the information and approve it if it is accurate.
  • You will receive the license at the address you registered with.

FAQ’s on Apply Online LLR AP

In the event that a test is failed, what happens?

A new test can be booked seven days after the original test date, with the applicant paying the required amount and providing proof of payment.

Upon obtaining a learner’s license, how long should one wait before applying for permanent residency?

  • DL applications can be submitted after 30 days following the acquisition of a learner’s permit.
  • Booking availability for LLR slots with AP Transport

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