Detailed land records for Banglarbhumi

Detailed land records for Banglarbhumi in 2023 can be found at

Detailed land records for Banglarbhumi in 2023 can be found at contains details about Banglarbhumi 2021-2022 Land Records Khatian & plots.


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There is a high regard for land recordings in West Bengal, India. The state government has implemented a new system where citizens can access land records details from the past years to the most recent ones. In today’s world, citizens don’t have to search manuals for records; they just log in and make the necessary steps; they can download and print records. A process that makes both government and citizens easier to search. This article provides information on West Bengal Banglarbhumi which is a new web portal under the Ministry of Land Reform. Various services can be found here.

The Banglarbhumi Portal provides the following services

  • Land records and maps digitized from villages, districts, and divisions.

  • Services centered on citizens

  • A map showing the state’s land distribution.

  • Every state land’s activities.

  • Managing the ISU

  • The training process

  • Boundary demarcation between India and Bangladesh.

  • Board of land use for the state.

  • The mutation

Registration for Banglarbhumi

For land records & information on land plots & Khatians, here is the Banglarbhumi registration online process

  1. Click here to access the official website of the West Bengal Banglarbhumi.

  2. You can sign up on the homepage by clicking the signup button.

  3. Register by filling in the following information on the portal’s registration form.

    • Name

    • The address of the physical location

    • Names of parents.

    • The municipality

    • The district

    • Email address

    • Mobile number registered with the company

  4. Create a password if the details are correct

  5. Proceed to the next step after entering the security code.

  6. A two-factor authentication (OTP) will be sent to the mobile number entered.

  7. You must enter an OTP number to verify your account, then click the Submit button.

  8. Having registered on Banglarbhumi is the first step in becoming a member.

Login to Banglarbhumi

Here is how you can log in to Banglarbhumi as a department user

  1. is the official Banglarbhumi website portal

  2. The tab citizen services can be found on the menu.

  3. Click on the Department Users option on the next page

  4. Passwords and usernames must be entered next.

  5. When you have entered the captcha code and clicked the login button, you will be prompted to log in.

  6. You can access any part of the portal after you have been given access by the system.

A guide to logging in to the Banglarbhumi Website Portal for citizens

  1. Visit the official Banglarbhumi website.

  2. You can find the citizen services option on the menu by going to the tab citizen services. Proceed to the next page, choose the option for citizens.

  3. For the next step, you will need to enter your username and password.

  4. Click on the login button after entering the captcha code on the page.

Banglarbhumi ROR Application Process

  1. You can access the West Bengal e-district website by clicking here.

  2. You can register as a citizen on the homepage by clicking “Citizen Registration”

  3. You will be asked to enter some information on the page.

  4. Once you have verified every detail, click on the “save” tab to register.

  5. In order to verify your mobile number, a 2-factor authentication (OTP) will be sent to it.

  6. A confirmation email will also be sent to your registered email address once you enter it in the space provided for verification.

  7. Click on the activation link to complete the process and validate your account.

  8. Enter your username and password to access the website.

  9. Upload your documents as instructed by the portal after entering the required information.

  10. You can now submit the form.

  11. Application numbers will be displayed on the acknowledge slip on the portal.

  12. ROR certificate will be issued after a verification process.

The status of the Banglarbhumi ROR application can be tracked here

  • Start by logging into the West Bengal e-district website.

  • Select the inspection report from the homepage.

  • The next step is to enter the application number you received during the application process.

  • Click on the option to search for documents now.

  • On the screen of the portal, you will be able to see the ROR status.

Banglarbhumi Land Records 2022: Viewing Procedure

  1. Check out the Banglarbhumi website.

  2. Website:

  3. To learn more about your property, select the tab on the menu.

  4. The next step is to enter the following information:

  5. Name of district

  6. Creating a block

  7.  Mouza

  8. Two search options will be available on the page.

  9. The plot

  10. Khatian

  11. In order to proceed, you need to fill out the necessary details.

  12. You can now view your results by entering the captcha code and clicking the “view” button.

  13. Detailed information will appear on the page.

The RS and LR information can be checked in two ways.

  1. Visit the Banglarbhumi website. 

  2. You can access citizen services from the homepage by clicking the “citizen services” tab.

  3. From the menu, select RS/LR.

  4. The following options are available on the menu:

    • Name of district

    • The block

    • Mouza

  5. There are two options listed on the page:

    • RS

    • LR

  6. Proceed to the plot number input by selecting one of the options.

  7. Complete the process by clicking the search button.

A query number can be used to search plot information

  1. The official website of Banglarbhumi can be found here.

  2. The website for Bengaluru Bhumi is

  3. Select the query search tab on the homepage.

  4. Please enter the following information on the web page

    • Number of the query

    • The year of the query

    • A security code is required.

  5. Select “show” from the menu.

  6. All details will be displayed on the screen by the system.

Process for applying for mutations

  • Click “online application” on the West Bengal, Banglarbhumi website portal.

  • You will see a list on your screen. Click the tab “mutation application.”

  • Here are the details you need to enter:

  • The applicant’s information

  • Transferee’s particulars

  • Itemized list of enclosures

  • Click on the submit button once you have uploaded all the necessary documents.

  • On the screen, you will see a reference number, save it so that you can check the status of the request.

Banglarbhumi Mutation Checking Process

  1. The Banglarbhumi website portal can be accessed here.

  2. Click on “citizen services,” then select “mutation status” from the homepage.

  3. Two options will be available on the page.

    1. Searching by case

    2. Search based on deeds.

  4. Enter the following details after selecting one option:

    1. Name of district

    2. The block

    3. The Mouzas

  5. Once you have clicked “search”, you will see the results.

Requesting a Mouza map

  • Banglarbhumi’s website can be found here.

  • Choose “citizen service” from the menu and click “service delivery.”

  • On the screen, you will see a list of options:

    • Request for ROR

    • Information about the plot

    • Request for plot map

    • Request for Mouza map

    • Search for GRNs.

  • Upon selecting the “Mouza map request” button, a form will appear. Please enter the following information:

    • The district

    • The block

    • The Mouzas

    • Type of map

    • Number of the sheet

  • Select the view after checking the details.

Checking the classification of land

  • The Banglarbhumi website can be found here.

  • You can access citizen services by clicking on the tab on the homepage.

  • Enter the following information under land classification:

    • The district

    • The block

    • Mouza

  • Complete the search by clicking the search button.

A land conversion application must be filled out

  • Click here to visit the official website.

  • Click the tab for online applications on the homepage.

  • You will be presented with a list of options, select the option conversion application from the list.

  • Click the submit button once you’ve filled out the details requested by the page.

  • You can now keep the reference number of the application for your records.

Using the Banglarbhumi Portal, how do I pay a fee?

  • Select the “online application” tab on the homepage of the official website.

  • Click on “fee payment” in the menu.

  • In the form, you will be able to select the following details: conversion, mutation, certified copy, plot information, and plot map.

  • Enter the captcha code provided and the application number.

  • Upon clicking “next”, a secure payment method such as net banking will appear.

  • The screen will display a confirmation message once you enter the details.

Public grievances

  1. Visit the official website

  2. Click “public grievances” on the homepage.

  3. The grievance application form will appear after selecting the grievance application option.

  4. Please enter the captcha code and the required details.

  5. Ensure that the details on the form are correct before submitting it.

Banglarbhumi Grievance Status

  1. Check out Banglarbhumi’s official website.

  2. Select “public grievances” from the homepage.

  3. Select the grievance status/description tab on the next page.

  4. The UPN and security code need to be entered now.

  5. Click show after rechecking all details.

  6. On the screen, you will see the status.

Application for GRN

  • Visit Banglarbhumi’s official website

  • Website:

  • Click on the “online application” option in the menu.

  • You will be able to select the tab application GRN search from a new list.

  • In the next section, enter your GRN number, application number, and security code.

  • You can now submit the form.

Application reprinting

  • You can access the online tab application on the official website by going to the homepage.

  • Choose the option to reprint the application or receipt from the menu.

  • Following are the five options that will appear on the page:

    • The conversion

    • The mutation

    • A certified copy of the document

    • Information about the plot

    • Map of the plot.

  • Once you have entered your application number and security code, click on the next button.

  • For reference, the application will appear on the screen so that you can take a printout.

Availability of Mouza Maps

  1. Please visit the official website and click on the Mouza information tab on the homepage.

  2. A new page will appear after selecting the Mouza map availability details.

  3. Select a district and a block, and then click continue.

  4. If there are no details, the system will display “record not found.”.

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