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BSF Pay Slip

An overview of BSF Payslip 2022: The BSF (Border Guarding Force) is the nation’s most renowned and famed force responsible for protecting its borders. Intruders with ill intentions are closely watched over by the forces. Visitors and citizens are therefore assured of the safety of the country. 1st December 1965 was the date when the force was implemented. There was a persistent idea to create a force to protect India following the fierce war in India.

As the country’s primary border defense organization, the Border Security Force plays a crucial role. As part of the Indian Armed Police Forces, they are also included. Under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the BSF is responsible for security. Dedicated solely to protecting the Indian border, it’s the largest force in the world.

Border Security Force (BSF) Basic Functions

  • Defend the country against any war that might arise.
  • Illegal firearms and drugs are smuggled.
  • An assault by the military.
  • Human trafficking or smuggling of animal products

BSF is a growing force with several units. Among the units are the marine unit, the air wing, the artillery regiment wing, and the commando unit. All of these units work together to combat border crimes. There are approximately 257,363 guards in the Indian Border Security Forces. They are the first line of defense for Indian territories. The Indian government offers attractive salaries to BSF guards. Every year, recruits join the forces and are dispatched throughout the country.

It has been announced by the government that the Ministry of Home Affairs will introduce a new system for the armed forces. The forces will receive and receive their salary details online. After logging in with their credentials, they will be able to access their pay slips online.

BSF Pay Slip 2022 Login New Portal Link :

BSF Pay Slip 2022 Monthly Salary Slip Online

The BSF sends each individual force a payslip on a monthly basis. Besides containing information about the employee’s monthly salary, payslips provide all personal details and transactions as well as deductions and installments. You can download the payslips for future reference and get their issues resolved on the official website.

Login IDs are created by recruiters for new recruits, after a password and username are created by the recruit. Login IDs are unique to each force and are not divulged to anyone else.

  1. To access the official BSF website, go to
  2. Choose PAY & GPF/CPF from the homepage’s right side.
  3. You can log in directly at
  4. In the top right corner of the new page, the login option will appear.
  5. Login by selecting the option.
  6. Please enter your username or IRLA/regiment number.
  7. You will need to provide your password in order to proceed.
  8. A captcha code will appear on the screen. Enter it correctly.
  9. Log in by clicking the login button.
  10. The BSF account will open.
  11. Now download your payslip by selecting the download tab.
  12. Select the print option for a copy of the payslip

Resetting BSF Pay Slip Login Password (Recovery Process)

It is the responsibility of individuals with a BSF account to keep their login details secret but ready. No account can be accessed without a password and username. However, it is easy to forget a password and have a hard time logging in. All forces have the same regimental number. To retrieve a password, one must follow the instructions.

  1. is the official website for the BSF
  2. Choose the PAY/GPF option on the homepage, followed by the “forgotten password” option.
  3. Here is the direct link:
  4. You will be directed to a new page where you will need to enter your username, date of birth, and appointment date.
  5. Submit the form by clicking the button.
  6. Please enter your registered email address and mobile number.
  7. You will receive an email link to reset your password from the system.
  8. An OTP might also be received, validated.
  9. Passwords for BSF payslips can now be created.

The BSF Payslip App: How to Download it

There is an app that the Indian government has provided for the forces that allows them to access the website using their mobile phone wherever they are. They are not required to use a computer device for the process.

  1. Visit the Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Go to the App Store and search for BSF Payslips.
  3. On the page, the user can select from a number of BSF apps
  4. Review the apps and find out which one is best for you.
  5. Give it some time to install by clicking on the install tab.
  6. Check out the services provided by clicking on the app and opening it.

Border Security Forces (BSF) Salary Chart 2023

There is a pay chart that shows ranks and payments according to the BSF forces. The forces use the same online service to check salaries.

A new recruit receives a different salary depending on his or her rank and superiority. The salary is divided into four categories.

  • Band 1 of the pay scale
  • Band 2 of pay
  • Band 3 of the pay scale
  • Pay Band 4

There are also other benefits offered to BSF guards, including allowances and perks. Each rank receives various allowances and perks. The following are some of them:

  • Allocations for transportation
  • Payments of dearness allowances
  • Allowances for daily living
  • Rent allowances for houses
  • Allowances for medical expenses
  • Facilities for canteens
  • Loan facilities and casual leave allowances.

A BSF member can only access the BSF online page with their login ID and other personal details. Forces have to check on every issue using the website. The official link is accessible by the internet and can be accessed by all devices. It takes a shorter time and is easier to access than visiting the head office.

An online login page for BSF offers a number of benefits

  • All BSF members have easy access to it
  • For the government and the military, it saves time.
  • Payslips are available online without having to travel to the office
  • Regardless of the year, all documents are well documented
  • On the website, BSF personnel can find out how much increments they have received.
  • Here you can find out about any changes.
  • A force’s account page can be accessed from any device
  • You can retrieve your password easily if you forget it.
  • Only BSF members can access the website.
  • Border Security Force is the full form of BSF
  • Border Security Force employees can log in here: bsf stands for Border Security Force.

This content is solely for informational/educational purposes only and we will not be held responsible for any errors. For more information, please see BSF’s official website link (or)

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