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BSNL Broadband Complaint Toll Free Number, Customer Care Number

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Complaint about BSNL

As a major provider of telecommunication networks and internet services in India, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the largest state-owned telecommunication company. Since October 1st, 2000, BSNL has been owned by the Indian government. The company’s headquarters are in New Delhi, India. Its company provides mobile voice and internet services for citizens throughout the country.

Having a market share of 60% in wireline telecommunication, this company is one of the best in the country. Its roots are rooted in British India, making it one of the oldest in the country.

It is a priority of the BSNL company to make sure all citizens have access to the right services without any restrictions. However, there are some hiccups that are rectified through free toll calls and online platforms. As soon as the complaint is registered, the company guides and addresses the issue without hesitation. BSNL users with a variety of complaints are not concerned about how to resolve them.

Complaint Portal for BSNL

BSNL’s complaint portal provides a range of services

  • Services can be activated or deactivated.
  • A new tariff change has been implemented
  • Changing the tariff request.
  • There is a problem with the internet or the flow of communication.
  • Broadband services and landline issues.
  • There is a link failure with the BB ADSL modem.
  • In the event that the BB is not working.
  • There is an issue with the BB line.
  • Complaint regarding IPTV from BB
  • Broadband purchase/repurchase issue.
  • There is a problem opening the official BBM page.
  • There may be a problem with the broadband speed.
  • Problems configuring BB outlook.
  • The BB has a virus problem.

There are different toll-free numbers that citizens can call from anywhere in the country, according to the company. The toll-free number changes if you move from one state to another, connecting you to BSNL customer care; however, there is a standard 1800 180 1503 number that is available to all Indian citizens.

In addition to dialing 198, BSNL users are able to get in touch with the company more quickly. IVRS systems will provide you with specific assistance, however they can take some time to resolve. Interactive voice response systems provide options for entering information.

You can register complaints online with BSNL

In order to facilitate the exchange of complaints, the company provides a secure and direct portal. Customers can use this to submit their complaints, and they can expect to get a response as quickly as possible to their concerns.

  1. You can access the official BSNL complaint portal by clicking this link:
  2. Choose the kind of services you need from the services tab on the homepage.
    • Services related to landlines
    • The Bharat Fiber Company
    • A broadband connection
    • Services provided by WINGS
    • Over-the-air BB over Wi-Fi
    • EPBAX over
  3. To enter an STD code, follow these steps (Ex. – 044):
  4. This is the landline number for the fixed line and wireless broadband, which is a 6- or 7-digit number.
  5. Choose the complaint type from the list given on the page after checking the numbers.
  6. Click on the space provided and enter the captcha code.
  7. Your complaint will be launched officially once you click the submit button.
  8. In the status check screen, a complaint id will appear, which should be written down or saved for future reference.
  9. If the complaint applicant would like to check the status of the complaint online, he or she can do so online or by calling the customer care phone number.

Following are the steps you can follow to use your Toll-Free Number with BSNL:

Use the following toll-free number to lodge a complaint:

  • In198
  • In 1550
  • In 1501,
  • In 1503,
  1. You can access the numbers on all BSNL phones.
  2. When nothing happens or the problem doesn’t resolve as expected, give the system some time. The BSNL public grievances (PG) complaint website portal can be used to register your grievance ( (or) if you wish to call the higher authorities.
  3. Fill in your contact information, name, address, and email address, as well as the telecom circle or state where you live. 
  4. You will be contacted by BSNL authorities to resolve the complaint. Please provide a brief explanation of the complaint before submitting.
  5. In order to verify your registration and status, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

You can always count on the BSNL support team to assist you with all the steps and methods you need to follow to contact the company. Users can be confident that the telecom provider provides the best services. Although it incorporates other languages, the portal and toll number use the English language as the primary language. Using these tools will allow users to better understand the needs of their customers and help them better understand their customer care officers. The toll numbers are accessible 24 hours a day, and there is no charge to call them.

Contact number for BSNL Customer Care

The name of the service A mobile number from BSNL (or) a landline number from BSNL Networks operated by other telecom companies
The BSNL broadband helpline can be reached at 1504 +91 18003451504
Complaints regarding Bsnl Landline 1500 +91 18003451500
Number to call for Bsnl’s GSM postpaid / prepaid mobile customers 1503 +91 18003451503
A WLL/CDMA system 1502 +91 18003451502
Services for Enterprises (MPLS, VPN, ILL, MNS, Bulk SMS, Dark Fibre, etc.). 18004257007 +91 18004257007
Call center using leased lines 1800-425-1957 +91 18004251957
Helpline for International Roaming +91 94340 24365 +91 9434024365

It allows BSNL customers to solve problems without waiting for a support team to assist them. The voice machine gives them step by step instructions for resolving small issues. The system records the problem and provides an action by step solution. If the user fails to follow a specific step, it is modified to repeat it.

In addition to providing telephone and mobile services to its customers, BSNL provides the following services:

  • Through the name cell one, BSNL mobile offers the best GSM network in India.
  • These services are available on mobile devices
  • Payable in advance,
  • The postpaid system,
  • Services for free phone calls (FPH)
  • Using the Indian telephone card
  • Calling the account card
  • Networks that are virtual
  • Voting via teleconference

There are an abundance of mobile services offered by BSNL, but they also have the best internet production throughout the country, which millions of subscribers use each day.

Customer care numbers for BSNL Mobile in each state

Name of the state Contact number for BSNL Mobile
Islands of Andaman and Nicobar +91 9434024365
Contact information for the Andhra Pradesh (AP) government +91 9440024365
Customer care number for Assam +91 9435024365
Customer care number for Bihar +91 9431024365, +91 9431224365
Customer care number for Chhattisgarh +91 9425201234, +91 9425201041
Customer care number for Chennai (Madras) +91 9444024365
Is it Goa? +91 9422024365
The Gujarati state +91 9426024365
Customer care number for Haryana +91 9416024365
HP (Himachal Pradesh) +91 9418024365
Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) +91 9419024365
West Bengal (Jharkhand) +91 9431124365
Contact information for Karnataka +91 9448024365
Kolkata, India +91 9433024365
Customer care number for Kerala +91 9447024365
MTNL +91 9869012345
MP (Madhya Pradesh) +91 9425024365 (or) +91 9425124365
It was Maharashtra. +91 9422024365
In Orissa (Odisha) +91 9437024365
Customer service number for Punjab +91 9417024365
Customer care number for Rajasthan +91 9414024365
Customer care number for Sikkim +91 9434024365
TS (Telangana) +91 9440024365
TN (Tamil Nadu) +91 9443024365 (or) +91 9444024365
West and East Uttar Pradesh +91 9415024365
Contact information for Uttaranchal +91 9412024365
Bengal (West Bengal) +91 9434024365

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