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CSEB Teachers Training Online Portal 2023 | Registration CBSE Training Portal – A CBSE teacher’s training certificate may be downloaded at the CBSE Training Portal (cbseit.in/cbse/training) for the academic year 2023.

Training in CBSE

There have been many shifts from manual processes to digital systems since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Education Department implemented ways to educate students through online classes, incorporating multiple online facilities to accommodate all sectors, including education.

Through government sponsorship, these online sessions were made available to students, allowing them to gain experience while continuing their coursework.

Through online education programs, the government empowered teachers and school administrators. All teachers can register for online training programs, regardless of their level or state. A digital CBSE portal has been designed by the Union Human Resources Development Ministry in collaboration with CBSE and Tata Trust.

DIKSHA is a platform hosted by the MHRD that offers different education courses for free. All teachers are eligible to register, and a link will be sent after registering using the DIKSHA app.

Portal for CBSE training


CBSE Teacher Training


Online sessions are now open for registration https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/onlineprog.aspx
Download the CBSE e-certificate from the CBSE training portal https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/dncer.aspx
A Request For Hosting A Workshop/Symposium/Conference At Your School https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/Requisition_form.aspx
A resource person’s registration form https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/reguser.aspx

Details of the CBSE Online Training Portal

As a CBSE board member, you will be provided with the best opportunities to ensure that you gain the best skills and competencies. These skills will prepare you for the job market and ensure you are equipped for success. The one-hour online session will cover several topics that are beneficial to your career.

  • Practices for teaching and learning
  • Skills for life
  • Bringing arts together
  • Participation in sports
  • Technology and information
  • Learning by blending
  • Psychological aspects of child development
  • Security in cyberspace
  • Learning through innovation

On the official CBSE training portal, teachers can find more learning details. Registered users must select a course that is appropriate to their work area and skills. Teachers must select only two free sessions from all CBSE board programs each month so that overcrowding or incorrect selections will not occur. By doing so, the user will be able to select the programs that are beneficial to their practice area. To demonstrate thorough training and eligibility for a particular service, candidates receive a certificate at the end of the training process.

Login to the CBSE Training Portal

Login to the school management system https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/slogin.aspx
LOGIN FOR INDIVIDUALS https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/login.aspx
LOGIN/TRAINING UNIT/ADMINISTRATOR for the Center of Excellence (COE) https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/logina.aspx
Headquarters for training https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/logina.aspx
Administrative Assistant for Training https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/logina.aspx
Login to the Head COE https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/hcoelogin.aspx
Login to DDO for CBSE https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/ddologin.aspx
Person who can provide resources https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/rpcheck.aspx

The CBSE Training Portal can be accessed by logging in

Here is how you can register for the CBSE Training Portal online.

A teacher who is interested in joining CBSE 2023 can register through the official portal. Students will require a school certificate to register.

  1. Please go to https://cbseit.in/cbse/training/Default.aspx, which is the CBSE website portal
  2. Go to the homepage and select the “training capacity building programs” tab. After selecting the free online session option, click on “register now.”.
  3. Find out if there are vacancies in your preferred field.
  4. Please fill out the mandatory fields and click the ‘continue’ button. You can complete the online payment procedure once the details have been reviewed.
  5. You can now log into the CBSE training portal for online classes using the username and password that were sent to your registered email ID.You can now log into the CBSE training portal for online classes using the username and password that were sent to your registered email ID.

Download E Certificate from CBSE Training Portal

The CBSE training portal offers a step-by-step guide to downloading the e-certificate

All applicants are required to attend all classes to earn their course certificates. The portal tracks attendance and ensures everyone is completing all courses.

  • Click here to visit the CBSE website.
  • To proceed to the login platform, select “Click here to download the electronic certificate”.
  • To log in, you will need to enter your username, password, and captcha code.
  • Select the download certificate option from the dashboard’s various options.
  • Requests will be processed by the system.
  • For reference, the certificate can be printed.

Feedback Form for CBSE Training Portal at www.cbseit.in

For feedback on the programs, applicants can complete a feedback form online.

  • The official website portal can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Visit https://cbseit.in/cbse/training
  • The “school application for workshops” option can be found under the online forms tab.
  • Enter the required information in the feedback form.
  • Once you have reviewed the form, click the submit button.

A link to attendance

Participants must attend all classes if they wish to participate. A link to attendance will be sent to their email address by the respective CoE. In case a participant does not receive the link, they should contact the CoE by using the contact details provided on the website. The link will also be attached to the chat box. Attendance forms must be filled out to ensure that lessons count. A feedback link will be provided to candidates after every lesson, and after the link is deactivated, another feedback link will be provided to candidates for entering details and submitting feedback.

Details of contact

Contact the following contacts if you have any questions about CBSE training:

  • Tel: 011 23216963
  • Fax: 011 23232961
  • Email: dirtraining.cbse@gmail.com

FAQs on CSEB Teachers Training Online Portal 2023

  • What is the process for stating my attendance?
  • Every participant will receive an email with a link or a chat box with a link to mark their attendance
  • Can I attend more than one session?
  • In order to qualify for their field, users need to attend two sessions a month.
  • Formal Name of CBSE
  • CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education

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