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Student Data Entry, SA1 SA2 CSE Mark, Adding New Schools at CSE.ap.gov.in Child Info New Student Data Entry, SA1 SA2 CSE Mark, Adding New Schools –  Children’s information portal: Registering students, adding schools, entering CSE marks at the student info.ap.gov.in (or) CSEAP websites: https://studentinfo.ap.gov.in/login.htm (or) https://cse.ap.gov.in/DSENEW.

Information about AP children

A new website portal for students and schools has been developed by the Andhra Pradesh Education sector, CSE AP. This portal contains information about students and schools. Andhra Pradesh Education has rolled out a new link to store and retrieve child information: https://schooledu.ap.gov.in/SIMS20 (or) https://studentinfo.ap.gov.in/login.htm.

Information for students on the Appalachian State Government website

The CSE AO portal 2022 provides the following information to teachers and school heads:

  • Students’ details can be edited.
  • Admission/entry of new students.
  • Certificate of transfer
  • Failure to graduate
  • Activate after dropping out.
  • Detailed information on the child’s Aadhaar number.
  • Dropbox activity by a student.
  • Aadhaar number and EID number should be inserted for a new child.
  • Schools must be approved.

DISE codes and passwords are required for several operations, such as:

Application deadline for CSE AP new students in 2022

To complete the admissions process, new students can log into the CSE AP portal. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • The student information management system website portal can be accessed here.
  • StudentInfo.AP.gov.in/login.htm

CSE AP - Child Info New Student Data Entry, SA1 SA2 CSE Mark, Adding New Schools at Cse.ap.gov.in

  • If you are an HM/MEO/DEO, you should login with your school DISE code and password.
  • Choosing “services” from the menu will take you to the services page.
  • The “services” option can be found on the menu.lect the “new registration form.”
  • Choose “services” from the menu.d more details will show.
  • The “services” option can be found on the menu.stration form.

ChiChoosing “services” from the menu will take you to the services page.ition of New Schools and Child info in the UDISE

  1. Choosing “services” from the menu will take you to the services page.homepage click the options student information system menu.
  2. Select “services” from the menu.districts.
  3. A new page will open after you have selected your district.
  4. Enter the Aadhaar number, DISE code, and password, followed by the Aadhaar number.
  5. You can view the following information after entering the captcha code:
    • Information about students can be edited
    • Dropout services are active.
    • Issuing TCs/dropping out.
    • Student inserts are available now.
    • Authentication certificate.
  6. You will be redirected to the data entry page once you click the data entry button: select the TC tab, the database password, and click Next.
  7. Search for students who take TC at this school by entering the school name, class-6, medium, and gender.
  8. Students must enter their departure date, their TC number, their admission number, and their reason for leaving.
  9. Click the submit button after reviewing the details.

AP Summative Assessment 1 Mark Processing and Entry

Now you can access the CSE marks entry web portal http://www.cse.ap.gov.in/ by entering the username (the school DISE code) and password (the HM phone number).

Through the CSEAP portal, a CSE mark entry process is carried out for SA1, SA2 grades.

  1. Go to www.cse.ap.gov.in (or) https://studentinfo.ap.gov.in/login.htm for the official CSE AP website.
  2. Click the submit button once you have selected the student tabs and the second language mapping for that student.
  3. Select academic performance evaluation from the menu, enter the student’s name, class, and section medium name. Then click get data.
  4. Click the submit button after entering the student’s name, marks, co-curricular activities.
  5. The Academic performance evaluation edit tab allows you to edit the details.

Please contact 040-66675282 or 7032901380 if you have any complaints or acknowledgements.

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