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University Management System – Chandigarh University (CUIMS) Logon at

University Management System – Chandigarh University (CUIMS) Logon at :- CUIMS: Chandigarh University Information Management System. UIMS: Chandigarh University Information Management System (CUIMS).


The CUIMS (Chandigarh University Information Management System) is designed to make information accessible to students directly. Chandigarh University embraces digital transformation by introducing simple digital platforms for students. The portal offers a variety of services such as an online library, modules, University notices, attendance, fee structure, and more. By logging into the CUIMS portal, Chandigarh University students can access the page.

All students receive login credentials when they are admitted to CUIMS. The app can be downloaded on mobile devices for easy access to CUIMS. Students receive information without having to go to the offices or campus. All students have their own login details.

Logging in with the wrong information will result in the account being locked for 24 hours once the students forget their login credentials or want to change them. It would be best to visit the campus for a data update.

Using the CUIMS blackboard, faculty and staff can access CUIMS. Students join in for online classes using the blackboard facility. It works like a blackboard, and is easily navigable. In addition to interacting with students, the faculty provides programs, results, and other educational information online.

The login portal for CUIMS offers the following features

  • The academic world:
  • Work assignments
  • The attendance rate
  • The timetable
  • The resource library
  • Application for student leave
  • The administration
  • An electronic library
  • An examination
  • Accommodations in hostels
  • Keeping accounts
  • Referral program for admissions
  • Recruiting and internships
  • An overview
  • Documents related to students

Registration for CUIMS

Students receive login IDs and passwords during admission. After acquiring these details, they can access any service available on CUIMS.

Login to CUIMS

  1. Click here to visit the website of Chandigarh University
  2. Accessed at
  3. Click “next” after entering the user ID and password.
  4.  Select the submit button after reviewing the login details.

CUCHD Blackboard Login Instructions

  1. Cuchd’s blackboard website can be accessed by clicking here
  2. Visit
  3. Your username and password are entered on the homepage.
  4. You will be prompted to sign in.

App for CUIMS

A CUIMS app can be downloaded by students on their devices to access the university’s website.

  • Make sure your mobile phone is connected to the Internet and open the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Go to the search tab and select CUIMS.
  • You can find the first results on the page by clicking on them.
  • Start the download process by selecting the download tab.
  • Click the install button once the download has been completed.
  • CUIMS dashboard can be accessed by opening the app.

Blackboard functionality can also be downloaded to smartphones through CUIMS.

Application for Chandigarh University at

In order to make the application process easier for eligible students, the university offers students an online system that allows them to register for courses.

  1. The Chandigarh University website portal can be found here.
  2. Website:
  3. Visit to register.
  4. Please enter the following information: name, email address, mobile number that is active, and city name.
  5. Create a user profile by clicking on preferred courses.
  6. Make sure the information is accurate and make any necessary corrections.
  7. An SMS and email confirmation will be sent once you have registered.
  8. You can also pay your school fee online after downloading the school prospectus.


  • What is the best way to contact CUIMS support?
    The University support team can be reached at 180012188800 for students and faculty members
  • How does the CUIMS blackboard work?
  • Students can access online learning through the CUIMS blackboard.
  •  Through this platform, students can access faculty directly or use online facilities to study.
  • Can you tell me how to get my Blackboard login credentials?
    CUIMS login credentials are provided to students during admission, so they do not need to create any new credentials.
  • What is the full form of CUIMS?
    CUIMS (Chandigarh University Information Management System)

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