DelE (Del e login) is the website of Delhi Directorate of Education (Del e login) is the website of Delhi Directorate of EducationVisit for Syllabus, Admissions, and Results of the Delhi Directorate of Education Department.

Government of Delhi, Department of Education

There are different departments working under the Ministry of Education for the Delhi government, including the Delhi Directorate of Education (Del E). Delhi Directorate of Education was established in 1986, but was modified in 1992 to bring about significant improvements in education, which led to Delhi’s economic growth. Its sole purpose is to manage all public school systems in Delhi so that growth and development can happen.

It was in 1973 that the Delhi assembly passed the Delhi education act, which gave responsibility for pre-primary and primary school students to renowned bodies such as the Delhi cantonment, NDMC, and MCD. (The 1980s) The directorate of education was responsible for secondary and senior secondary students.

This is Edudel,

Many students embraced the program as schools flooded with students, and a new plan was introduced for two shifts. Students are now able to access their details and admissions online due to the Delhi Directorate of Education’s improvements over the years. The launch of the new school-related admissions system made it easier for students to receive school information and updates. Teachers and trainers also use the link to receive education items.

What is the process for signing into the DELU D Portal (

Delhi Directorate of Education (Del e login) at

Using the website link, students can check different results to see if there are any new admissions. They can enter the following steps:

  1. Check out for more information
  2. Login to the student portal by entering your user id and password on the homepage.
  3. You will be prompted to enter a captcha code after entering the captcha code provided on the page.
  4. To proceed, the student will click the new user tab once they reach the page.
  5. When you log into the page, you’ll be able to choose from the menu what you wish to see.

The website

Alumni Association of Edudel

Delhi Government’s directorate of education sponsors the alumni association, which inspires current students to learn more about success by sharing their education story. Former students are able to give hope to their students by offering their education story. A great initiative by the government to build and inspire new and current students. To stay up to date with news and events, alumni students can access the school’s official website.

Alumni of government schools in Delhi: How to register?

  1. Go to to visit the official website
  2. Your email address can be found on the homepage.
  3. Put eight characters in your password now.
  4. Click Next after you have confirmed your password.
  5. Please fill out the form on the new page that opens.
  6. The page will then ask you a set of secret questions and answer them.
  7. Click on the register button after you have reviewed all details.

Log in here

  1. For more information, please visit
  2. Go to the Login page by clicking DEL E Click here
  3. Please enter your username and password
  4. Click here to enter the captcha code

Results of the 2022 EWS/DG admissions

Parents and guardians can check the results of EWS and DG from the official website It is the responsibility of the directorate of education in Delhi to release the results of EWS and DG. To find out who has been selected for admission to the nursery, kindergarten, and 1st class, visit the page.

An analysis of the syllabus distribution by class

Download the class-wise syllabus distribution at Download the classwise syllabus distribution at

  • Username and password for guest teachers
  • The link to the new Guest User Registration form can be found here: ACHER1516/Gtlogin_get_info_active_gt.aspx

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