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Hrms.punjab.gov.in: HRMS Punjab Employee Salary Slip Download

Payslips for Punjab Employees can be downloaded through HRMS.punjab.gov.in. Forgotten passwords for EHRMS Punjab can be reset on the website. IHRMS Punjab APP for download. EHRMS Manav Sampada 2022 can be accessed through this website.

EHRMS Punjab

Employees receive their salaries at the end of each month. Net salary is the total amount after deductions like taxes, insurances, and loans if they owe the organization. This is a continuous process that occurs every month. However, employees need to understand their pay slips and what deductions have been made. A pay slip and analyzing its details are the only way to accomplish this. It is exhausting and sometimes impossible to locate slips in different organizations because you have to request them from the HR department.

An employee’s salary and payslip can be checked online without having to visit their HR department through a new website introduced by the Punjab state government. 

IHRMS (Integrated human resources management system) is the new online software for Punjab employees, which has drastically reduced congestion in the offices and provided employees with valuable information about their money. This website allows employees to submit complaints, check salary slips, tax deductions, insurance coverage, etc. They must login using a username and password in order to access the website. Here we discuss the services provided by the IHRMS portal to employees.

HRMS Punjab

EHRMS Punjab Employee Login Online Process

It is easy to access the HRMS portal, though you need to log in first. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. The official website for HRMS Punjab can be found here.
  2. HRMS website (http://hrms.punjab.gov.in)
  3. Select EHRMS Punjab payslip from the login tab on the homepage.
  4. A new page will appear once you click the login tab where you can enter your UserID and password, as well as the captcha code.
  5. You can now proceed to the login page by rechecking the information.
  6. After verifying the details, access to the portal will be granted.

EHRMS Punjab Forgot Login Password

An account cannot be accessed without a password or user ID. However, due to a multitude of reasons, it is possible for the password to be forgotten. An incorrect password may result in the account being blocked.

hrms punjab forgot password

  1. Please visit https://hrms.punjab.gov.in to access the official website
  2. You can login on the login portal page by selecting the login option on the right.
  3. Proceed by selecting the option to forget the password.
  4. Please use the following link to reset your password: https://hrms.punjab.gov.in/ResetPassword/ForgotPassword
  5. Your department and employee code must be entered in the correct fields.
  6. Choose the search option after reviewing the details.
  7. You will need to provide more verification, such as your registered mobile number on the given page.
  8. As soon as the support team verifies your details, a new password will be sent to your registered mobile number via the HRMS portal.

How to Get IHRMS Punjab Employee Code

In the account login, the user ID is the most important detail. The user ID is used to identify an employee in the IHRMS system, and it’s provided by the company. The employee code is obtained via the online method described below.

  1. Select the login page at https://hrms.punjab.gov.in/ on the IHRMS Punjab website portal.
  2. The employee code can be obtained by clicking the “get employee code” option on the homepage.
  3. You will be prompted to enter Punjab under the state option. Enter the date of birth or the Aadhaar card. You will then need to enter the registered mobile number followed by the captcha code. The code needs to be copied correctly in order to prevent repeating the process.
  4. In order for the code to be generated, you need to enter the correct details. If the details are correct, select the tab marked “fetch employee code.”.
  5. A mobile number registered with the system will receive the employee code.

Employees are advised never to send wrong information or face consequences if wrong information is entered into the HRMS portal. The HRMS portal verifies every aspect before resetting or providing personal information.

E-HRMS Punjab Payslip Mobile App

With the help of a mobile app, employees now have an easy way to access the portal from anywhere and at any time. The steps are as follows:

E-HRMS Punjab Website

  1. Open the link www.hrms.punjab.gov.in on the IHRMS homepage
  2. Using the mobile application, select IHRMS Punjab payslips on the home page.
  3. Continue by selecting the install button.
  4. Upon installation, you will be able to open the app and log in with your credentials.
  5. Having a mobile app is easy since most people have mobile phones. However, one has to choose the right app from the many types displayed.

Benefits of The IHRMS (Hrms.punjab.gov.in) Website Portal

It has brought a lot of digital transformation to the state. Employees no longer have to worry about queues or lost payslips. In fact, the IHRMS Punjab website holds a lot of benefits for both government and employees.

  • Employees can access the portal without HR’s assistance, saving time and resources.
  • Employees will find it easy to use and open.
  • All employee information is available on the web portal, from payslips to grievance resolution.
  • Employees can use their payslips to apply for loans or new job positions; the portal makes this process simple.
  • Employees are easily monitored by the government.
  • Learn more about loan applications or tax deductions here.
  • New developments and salary increments are posted on the website for members to see.

It is important to note that nobody can access your account unless you share it with them. The personal information must be protected in order to prevent hacking and data leaks.

IHRMS Punjab Login

Lastly, the IHRMS portal will serve all employees well. With the help of the portal’s support team, employees can easily follow their details and solve problems quickly. Note that it has a support team that listens to their complaints. Using the account or registered mobile number, they receive and address the issues. 

You can edit details such as mobile numbers and emails on your account. Please keep your account up-to-date to avoid any misunderstandings. Please refer to the official website https://hrms.punjab.gov.in/ for more information.

Manav Sampada website for eHRMS

  • https://ehrms.nic.in/

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