FMS BSNL – Sign up for BSNL Franchise Partnership in 2022

Login at to register as a BSNL Franchisee Partner for 2022Registration of BSNL franchisees and partners for 2022 can be done online at BSNL FMS (Franchisee Management System) portal at


India’s (fourth) largest telecom company, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has millions of users. It is a government-owned service provider, operated by the Ministry of Communication and the telecommunication department. It provides mobile and internet service, making it one of the most reliable telecom companies in the country. To ensure that quality services are distributed, BSNL collaborates with several partners.

Partner BSNL services include Broadband, Fiber to the home, and mobile services. They operate both in rural and urban areas. BSNL can serve both residential and commercial clients in India as a result, increasing BSNL’s client base and offering a full range of services. The company rewards the franchisees and partners with a commission of up to 50%. Interest parties can take part in the business, including individuals, businesses, and societies.


Both franchisees and users of BSNL services benefit from partnerships

  • The commissions are excellent, including activity-based commissions and product commissions.
  • Services throughout the country that are of the highest quality.
  • As BSNL’s user base increases, revenue increases as well.
  • As a result, India will be able to expand into both rural and urban areas.
  • Provide internet services and digital gadgets to improve communication.
  • An overview of mobile apps, wallets, and other online payment methods.
  • To report any network issues, contact the BSNL active support center.


List of BSNL franchisees and partners

According to BSNL, the following applicants are eligible:

  • Residents Welfare Association.
  • Providing telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Construction workers
  • Dossiers
  • Integrators of systems
  • Owners of franchises
  • Company and society registrations.
  • Telecom operators in your area
  • Retailing is done by BSNL
  • Agents working directly with clients
  • Business people in the area
  • Provider of telecommunications services.

A simple BSNL registration form is required to qualify the groups for BSNL support. The groups must possess good marketing skills to help spread the BSNL network across India.

A franchise application for BSNL will be available in 2022

The franchisee or partner registration process with BSNL

  • You can register at via the BSNL FMS Registration link:

BSNL Franchisee Partner Online Registration

  • Click the “register” button on the homepage.
  • Ensure that all the mandatory information is entered, including:
    • Name of the company.
    • An email
    • Contact information for mobile phones
    • District/city
    • Contact information
    • Social Security Administration
    • In a circle
  • Click the submit button once you have checked the information and entered the message.
  • The information will be reviewed and verified by a BSNL executive after submission.
  • As part of the processing of your request, the BSNL officer will contact you for further details. A local BSNL executive will also visit your area to verify the information you provided.

To avoid inconveniences or cancellations of the partnership, qualified business partners will be required to enter legit details. The BSNL service company will strictly follow up prior to engaging any business partner.

FAQs On BSNL Franchisee Partner Online Registration

What are the eligibility requirements for BSNL partnerships?

As long as you have the necessary infrastructure for BSNL services, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Besides providing a list of relevant groups, the Company has also provided a list of related companies.

In partnering with BSNL, what is the primary objective?

As part of its expansion plans, BSNL wants to provide telecom services to more people. BSNL offers mobile and Internet services through franchisees and partners across the country.

When franchise and partner payments are made, how will they react?

The company will pay 50% commission to all partnering groups based on the activity and products. The payments will be conducted according to the agreement. Franchisee Management System of BSNL (FMS BSNL) in its full form.

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