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How to Delete Google History | Google History Delete All My Activity

How to Delete Google History | Google History Delete All My Activity :-  How to delete all my searches in Google History. Delete my google activity on your iPhone or Android. How to delete all my searches in Google History. Google history delete on pc.

The MY Activity tab contains all searches that I have made

There are unique ways to retrieve information on devices, which is nice but also risky, so users should be aware that every activity they engage in is monitored and visible, even after they delete it. In spite of the annoying spying ads, there are several permanent solutions to either hide or delete Google activity, depending on how annoying the spying ads are. Advertising companies can trace you and display annoying ads because of a link you visited.

In order to stay safe from spying eyes while streaming online, most streamers use Google incognito browsers. However, the windows don’t provide complete protection. Delete details like site links or search history, but they’re stored in a different part of your device. In order to remain anonymous, the majority of people use VPN services to remain anonymous. ISPs, governments, and third parties can access huge amounts of data from every device. Many technology companies offer VPN software for free and for a fee, which can fail and expose the information of users.

The guide explains how you can delete or hide your Google information in order to ensure your safety online.

Google Activity Controls – What you need to know

The Google Activity feature retains more details after deleting Google History, such as your search history and browsing history. To stop the feature from saving this information, disable the controls. No records will be kept after deleting Google History.

  • To access the “activity controls”, open your preferred browser.
  • Afterwards, disabling that activity or not saving it will enable Google not to save it for you.
  • If you click the “pause” tab, a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the request.
  • Once a user turns off the features and deletes browsing data, all saved passwords will be deleted from the system.
  • Password management tools let people save their passwords for later use.

How to download the history of your Google searches/browsers

The following steps will guide you through downloading your past browsing history online.

  • Click on “privacy and personalization” in your Google account.
  • To download your data, click the “Download your data” tab. Select “Download your data” from the drop-down menu.
  • Using the newly opened page, select the data you wish to save and archive. By default, all buttons are on. The user has the option to deselect all.
  • Select “Next step” after reviewing the information.
  • The type of archive to download, the size and delivery method of the archive. For example, ZIP or TGZ formats.
  • At the delivery method option, you will be able to download the information/file.

Search history for Google can be deleted by following these steps:

Here’s how you can permanently delete Google’s search history

  1. Select the three vertical dots indicating the “more icon” in your Google account.
  2. You can access the History tab by clicking “History > History” or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL +H or CTRL +Y. After opening the History tab, click the “clear browsing data” option.
  3. A tab with three options appears on the basic tab, while a tab with more options appears on the advanced tab.
  4. The history timeline can be viewed by choosing the “time range” section and clicking the “advance” button to continue.
  5. When you click “all time” you will be able to clear all information. The page will check the boxes and select “clear data”.

All my Google activities will be deleted from my history

How to remove Google activity from your account

  • Select “delete activity by” from your Google Account in your browser.
  • For a complete erase of all data, select the “delete by date” > “all time” option on the new page.
  • By pressing the “next” button, you can delete items you no longer want.
  • Then, confirm the deletion by clicking the “delete” button.

On iOS and Android, you can delete the Google search history

A user can delete their Google history through their mobile phone using a different browser depending on their mobile phone or preference.

  • You can use Safari or Chrome to access the website.
  • To delete activity by a particular date, click the “choose more” tab.
  • Under the “delete by date” option, click the “all time” tab.
  • You can then select “delete” from the menu.
  • Please click “OK” to confirm after receiving a warning message.

There is no difference in how the history is deleted between Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. The user can delete the history permanently by following the steps above.


  • What is the recommended frequency for deleting my history?
    Depending on whether the user is bothered with keeping the information longer, they may delete it immediately or wait.

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