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At you can log in to the Grama Sachivalayam

At you can log in to the Grama Sachivalayam :- Please see the step-by-step procedure below for logging in to AP Grama Ward Sachivalayam:!/Login

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Among the many positive changes being made by the Andhra Pradesh state government are the ones that affect rural and village citizens. A new system has been implemented by the government that reaches all village residents with a variety of services. Village ministries are responsible for providing welfare programs including:

Log into the Grama Sachivalayam website in AP

  • Kaanuka pension of the YSR.
  • Pelli Kanuka of the YSR
  • Ration card for AP
  • Card for AP Rice (New)
  • Allocations of houses
  • Aadhaar update.
  • Water connection that is clean for drinking.
  • Work on all civil projects by the government.
  • Producers’ produce is being marketed.
  • The whole day’s produce as well as poultry products.
  • Services related to health and medicine
  • Information about the funeral

In the beginning of January 2020, the system was officially launched, providing government and non-government services for over 500 people. It covers 35 government departments, ensuring services for the locals and poor in their villages. As a result, the AP government becomes a people’s government regarding Grama Sachivalayam village/ward secretariat.  For more information, please visit, the official website for Grama Ward Sachivalayam.

A description of the Sachivalayams of each Grama Ward in AP

As part of its 3842 ward Sachivalayams, the AP government created an administrative secretary who oversees all of the wards. AP ANM, JNM, and women police are all expected to play a role in ward secretary activities. In order to reach as many villagers as possible, the government estimates that there are 500-600 houses: ten to twelve volunteers and ten secretaries. The government aims to reach as many people as possible within 72 hours. A number of people have been hired for two years as part of the program.

Currently, the Grama ward Sachivalayam website is only accessible to employees. It is not yet accessible to the general public, but will work properly in the future. Users will be able to access user services, log in information, and registration details in the future. All portal users can, however, register complaints by dialing 1902, a toll-free number.

I forgot my password for the Sachivalayam ward.

On the official website, employees can also click the tab forgot password to get a new password. If they forget their password in the office, they can request a new one.

Details of our services

  • A set sum of Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 50,000 benefits every family under the YSR pension Kanuka scheme. The government has also reduced the pension age from 65 to 60 years and increased the amount by Rs. 3000 per month.
  • There is a free medical health care center called YRS Aarogyasri here people will receive free care for all diseases and surgeries, and pensions are also available for those who have had medical operations.
  • There is a section in Jalayagnam that addresses all irrigation projects.
  • In the near future, the state will limit alcohol consumption to only 5 star hotels under the AP alcohol ban.
  • Government plans to provide a four-year direct grant to the Dwcra party under these schemes up to election day. In addition to zero-interest loans, the government also offers a pension to BCs, SCs, STs, and minority women groups who have completed 45 years since it came to power. A different corporation will pay 75,000 rupees to these groups.
  • The Government of Andhra Pradesh plans to provide homes to all needy citizens within the next few years.
  • The pension card will be issued in 21 days in AP
  • Visit!/Login to access the GSWS

Results of the 2020 Grama Sachivalayam in A.P.

At 478.apgs, CM Jagan mohan reddy released the AP Grama Sachivalayam Results 2020 & merit list of recruitment results.

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