HDFC Bank CSP Registration

The HDFC Bank CSP Registration Process for 2022 | Secured login for HDFC BC | Secured login for HDFC FIGW

The HDFC Bank CSP Registration Process for 2022 | Secured login for HDFC BC | Secured login for HDFC FIGW :- 

You can do this at, or by visiting the CSC HDFC CSP Registration link at

The HDFC Bank Corporation

To ensure that all government services are delivered to citizens, the Indian government creates multiple facilities. The central and state governments have launched digitalized and manual systems that can provide quality services to rural and remote populations. Providing e-government services to rural residents through CSCs (Common Service Centres) is one of the most innovative physical innovations available. A variety of public services are offered through the facility, including social welfare, healthcare, education, agriculture, and financial services.


Through CSC, the government can reach millions of citizens and balance services across the country. CSC provides regional and geographical connections, assists in cultural diversity, and helps with B2B services. The government recently increased the mandate of the CSCs, allowing them to operate as HDFC Bank Business Correspondents (BCs). CSC is now permitted to provide financial services and act as access points throughout the country.

It is estimated that there are over 300,000 Common Service Centers in India today. These facilities are equipped with advanced devices like computers and internet connections. To stretch the financial culture in the country, the central government uses the centers. CSC will provide banking and financial services through micro-ATMs. Direct benefit transfers can be used for funding various programs and schemes. As a business facilitator, HDFC Bank CSC BC helps people to access loans and increase their livelihood and businesses (women, youth, entrepreneurs, etc.).

Login to HDFC BC

HDFC BC Point Customer Service Center – Access and Login

  • Visit the HDFC BC Point CSC website by clicking here
  • It’s at:
  • Once you have entered the HDFC Agent ID/ registered mobile number and OTP code, you will be redirected to the next page.
  • Upon entering your mobile number, the system will send you an OTP.
  • The account can be accessed by entering the code and clicking the login button.
  • Various services are available here for users.

Registration of CSPs for HDFC Bank Mitra by the CSC

The Bank Mitra portal: How to register for HDFC BC points

  • The CSC Bank Mitra website can be accessed here
  • Please visit
  • Select the VLE Registration option from the homepage menu.
  • To proceed, you will need to enter your CSC ID and password.
  • You can now submit your new account by clicking the “New user” button.
  • Select “Continue” after entering the required documents.
  • You will be prompted to complete a registration form; enter the required information like:
    • Your name,
    • A person’s gender,
    • Status of marriage
  • The state
  • The district
  • The subdistrict
  •  The village
  • The pin code
  • Longitude & latitude

                            Details of the bank

  • Name of the bank
  • The branch
  • Code IFSC
  • You will then need to upload the following documents:
  • Details of the identity proof
  • Contact information
  • A copy of each educational qualification
  • Identity card (PAN)

   Information about the computer

  • Type of computer
  • Provider of network services
  • Device that uses fingerprints
  • You will need to input information about the BC Campus, the availability of manpower, and your employment status.
  • Enter the following details: BC Campus, manpower availability, and employment status

Process of verification

  • Upon registering, visit a HDFC Bank branch to open an account.
  • All the documents you submitted during registration are included in the request for the branch manager.
  • Documents will be reviewed, verified, and approved by the manager.
  • Your CSC center will also be inspected to ensure that your computer, office equipment, and shop are in good working order.
  • Once the CSP code has been provided, the bank will activate the HDFC Bank BC Point, which will enable you to use it.
  • The CSC District manager can help if the user is having trouble opening the CSP code.
  • There will be a 10- to 15-day delay before HDFC Bank BC begins.

Deactivation notice for HDFC BC IDs  

In order to prevent the BC ID from being deactivated, HDFC BC must have police verification through Bank Mitra. It is important that users upload the IIBF/IBA certificates into their KBS to prevent their banking services from being deactivated. In order to avoid deactivation, BC ID users should log in every day to their KBS.

What You Need to Know About Allowing Pop-ups

  • In the settings section of the browser, you will find options for allowing pop-ups and redirects.
  • You can access the “content settings” by clicking the “advanced” > “privacy and security” section.
  • A pop-up and redirect option, which is disabled by default, will appear on the page.
  • Alternatively, users can “ADD their preferred URL” to enable pop-ups.
  • The login page will display a pop-up after you open the website.
  • You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number when you select the “send OTP” tab.
  • To access the portal, enter the code and verify the details.
  • Here is how Aadhaar Banking services will appear on the page:
    • Inquiry about the balance
    • Transfer of funds
    • The mini-statement
    • The deposit
    • Withdrawal

From the page, the user can access more services according to their preferences

Using CSC for kiosk banking

  • Opening an account
  • Make a deposit
  • Transfer of funds
  • Transferring money
  • Registration of insurance schemes
  • The withdrawal

Commission on BC Earnings VLEs

The following will earn commissions:

  • Creating a new account
  • Deposit of cash
  • Withdrawing cash
  • Transferring money
  • Insurers, pension schemes, and banks all offer social security benefits.


  • CSC HDFC CSP BC point applications can be submitted once the Bank Mitra exam has been passed; once that is completed, the district manager should be contacted for the BC point.
  • is the CSC Bank Mitra Portal
  • A Common Service Centre (CSC) is the full form of the acronym CSC.

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