How to choose a barbecue

Some swear by the charcoal barbecues, but they claim a little skill for lighting, and patience to get nice embers. The electric and gas versions are easier to use. But other criteria are to be examined closely before deciding for a model.

Funny pleasure, really. We must wait for hours, face the smoke, blow on the coals, burn our fingers to catch charred merguez outside and still raw inside. And yet. More than one household out of three, in France, has a barbecue that comes out ritually with the first rays of the sun.

Among the million devices that sell each year in France, there are those who take on vacation and those who stay at home. There are rustic, “table” or “balcony” models and super-equipped, real furniture to do anything: grilling, rotisserie or stew. There is the traditional best charcoal smoker for the money, which represent the majority of sales, but also more and more electric or gas models.

So how to choose? Follow our guide!

Size and weight

The choice of a barbecue depends on the place you have and the number of guests. Electric models are generally considered to be better suited to small spaces and small tables. They limit the production of odours and smoke and claim use indoors or on balconies. Gas or coal models are installed in the garden.

Watch out for instability!

Whatever the source of heat, one of the important criteria is the size of the cooking surface. The more grilling you can do at one time, the more time you will spend in front of the machine.

Moreover, there are more and more nomadic models. The lighter ones are easier to move, but beware of instability problems and, if they are not high, the risks for children.

The cooking mode

Coal, gas or electricity? It depends on what you prefer: simplicity, speed, ease of ignition, storage, security, price. The first advantage of charcoal models is the characteristic taste given to food. And, in terms of folklore and conviviality, they are indestrônables. On the other hand, they are slower, messier and smokes easily diners and neighbourhood. Moreover, the risks of accident, in case of reversal or imprudent use of the firefighter, are greater.

Safety rules for the barbecue

  • Before first use, carefully read the operating manual delivered with your device
  • Place the device in an open place if possible away from the wind
  • Make sure of its stability
  • Constantly monitor your device after ignition
  • Do not use gasoline or alcohol to light your barbecue
  • Always use products bearing the CE or NF standard
  • Keep children away
  • Always have a bucket of water, a bucket of sand or a fire extinguisher
  • Serve with oven gloves and avoid loose clothing
  • For gas barbecues, store your propane or butane bottle outdoors and not in a confined space

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