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Login and register at to access LIC Merchant 2022.

Login and register at to access LIC Merchant 2022 :- Online LIC merchant portal login 2022 can be accessed by visiting

To offer quality services, LIC has developed online platforms, mobile apps, agents, and now LIC merchant services to reach the Indian population through a variety of channels. As the insurance company’s aim is to provide quality service at the customer’s convenience, it has created online platforms, mobile apps, agents, and now LIC merchant services. Merchants of the LIC are legal entities or organizations that LIC authorizes to conduct LIC insurance business. It offers an easy offline method to LIC users. Many types of LIC policies are available through merchant LICs, and they can access data on LIC policies, surrenders, loans, and more.

Merchants of LIC

LIC merchants assist the policyholder or customer in paying their LIC premiums, queries about policies, and details about policyholders. In addition to receiving LIC commissions on all policies sold, the merchants also benefit from LIC premium collections. In order to access policy information, update, and serve policy users, LIC merchants must access the LIC merchant portal.

Login to the LIC Merchant Account

Login process for LIC merchants

  1. LIC Merchant’s website can be accessed here.
  2. The merchant portal is located at the bottom of the main page under “online services.”
  3. Here is the direct link to sign up:
  4. You will then be directed to the login page by selecting the login tab.
  5. Password and username for LIC merchants must be entered.
  6. It is now possible to access the LIC merchant premium collection portal.

The following criteria must be met before an LIC merchant can log in

There are several criteria that need to be met for merchants to be able to log in to the LIC merchant webpage.

  • LIC agents are required to be qualified merchants.
  • It is necessary to be over the age of 18 to participate.
  • Your Indian citizenship must be proven by identity documents.
  • Identify yourself as an Indian citizen with your identity documents a 10th pass.
  • Documents proving your Indian citizenship

Merchant Portal for LIC

How to reset your LIC Merchant password if you forgot it

  1. Click here to visit the merchant website of LIC.
  2. Visit:
  3. Under the online service section, select the merchant portal.
  4. Once you have clicked the login button, you will be logged in.
  5. You can recover your password by clicking “forgot” password.
  6. Click “mail new password” after entering your user ID and email address.
  7. Follow the instructions on the page to reset your old password. The system will send you a new password via email.

A guide to changing the password of your LIC Merchant Account

  1. You can access the LIC merchant portal by clicking here.
  2. Click here to access the LIC merchant portal, or click here to access the LIC merchant portal.
  3. Click on the “online service” tab on the homepage to access the merchant portal.
  4. You can now log in.
  5. Once the user ID and current password have been entered, click “change password”.
  6. Passwords should be entered and confirmed twice.
  7. The “reset” button should be clicked once you have rechecked the information.
  8. Now that you have a new password, you can log in.

In the LIC Merchant Portal, how do I update my email address?

LIC Merchant Portal requires the user to supply their email ID to receive OTP codes for verification. It is therefore very important to keep the details updated on the portal regularly in order to maintain proper coordination with the system.

  • LIC’s website can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Click here:
  • From the tab for online services, select “merchant portal”.
  • Once you have clicked the “login” button, you will be prompted to “update your email ID to get your OTP.”
  • Once you have logged in, enter your user name and password.
  • Click the “update” button after rechecking the details.

LIC merchants’ benefits

  • LIC merchants help policyholders pay their premiums on time on behalf of the LIC Company.
  • It is possible for LIC customers to get help from any merchant without having to visit the LIC office.
  • There are numerous locations across the country that are easily accessible.

The merchant portal of LIC provides a range of services

  • Collections of premiums should be made available to policy holders.
  • The portal needs to be updated with pending invoices.
  • Customer service assistance for LIC customers
  • Receiving receipts and viewing them.
  • Invoices that are pending
  • The cashier’s total.
  • Taking payments for premiums.

A merchant of LIC must meet certain qualifications

The LIC Merchant Application Process

  1. In order to qualify, applicants must be Indian citizens over the age of 18 years.
    A PAN card is required for the merchant, and they should have at least a 10th grade qualification.
  2. There will be an interview and a training (25 hour) session for eligible applicants by the LIC department officer.
  3. LIC offices provide exam materials to help candidates prepare for the IRDAI exam. Candidates must pass the exam with a 40% score or higher to qualify for the position.
  4. A letter of appointment and an interview will be sent by the LIC Company after one passes the test sealed with a code. The candidate will be interviewed and oriented by the development officer. For easy follow-up, the development officer’s name will appear on the letter.
  5. Once you’ve been orientated in the post, you can begin engaging in LIC merchant services after the interview and training sessions.


  • Does LIC accept payments through merchants?
    Yes, LIC merchants are a safe and fast way to pay LIC premiums or get other LIC services.Paying LIC premiums or getting other LIC services is easy and safe with LIC merchants. All LIC services can be provided by the merchants, who are highly trained.
  • You need to update your LIC email address to avoid inconveniences during the OTP retrieval process when making LIC payments through a LIC merchant.
  • You can log in directly to the LIC Merchant Premium Collection Portal through this link:

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