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Online applications for Manav Sampada UP 2022 Ehrms UP Leave can be filed at M-STHAPNA App can be downloaded at the Manav Sampada portal.

Manav Sampada UP

In order to ease the management burden of the government, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has created a unique application tool for personnel management activities. With the Manav Sampada portal, manual activities can be digitally streamlined, reducing government pressure. Using the tool, you can monitor, plan, recruit, post, promote, transfer, and maintain service history.

NIC UP state center is responsible for developing, maintaining, and launching Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh portal. It was launched by Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath. Manav Sampada’s web portal integrates other e-government programs and services. Employees can apply, register, and upload documents using it.


EHRMS UP Website

The e-HRMS of UP Manav Sampada allows you to upload the following documents

  1. Go to to access the Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh website
  2. You can proceed by clicking the general button on the homepage.
  3. You can now upload documents into the following categories by clicking the option “upload documents”.

E-HRMS UP Portal Registration Process: How to Apply Online

The employee user ID and password are generated by the department’s authorized officials. To apply, follow these steps:

  1. You can access the e-HRMS UP Manav Sampada website by clicking here.
  2. Please visit
  3. Choose the option e-HRMS login from the homepage.
  4. Here are the details you need to choose:
    1. Name of the department.
    2. Headquarters/Directorate
    3. ID of the user
    4. The password.
    5. A captcha code is required.
  5. To register a new employee, the official must log into the Manav Sampada portal and click the “create new user” option.
  6. Fill out all employee information, including name, father or husband’s name, date of birth, gender, joining date, and department.
  7. Check the details again and click “Submit.” if they are correct.
  8. Employee user IDs are six-digit numbers displayed by the system.

Manav Sampada Web Portal employee login process

EHRMS UP Login Page

  1. Click on the link to access the e-HRMS Manav Sampada portal
  2. On the homepage, click the e-HRMS login tab.
  3. You will then need to select the department name, directorate/headquarters, user id, password, and captcha code tabs.
  4. You can apply for leave online directly from the portal, which will show online employee services.

How to Apply for Online Leave Manav Sampada UP online portal

It is the official announcement of the basic education council/basic education department. Applicants for leave must use the e-HRMS human portal after using the leave application form. Teachers and headmasters, Shiksha Mitra, and non-teaching staff can apply online. The following groups may apply for online leave.

  • Leave for child care
  • Leave of absence due to maternity
  • Leave for miscarriage
  • Leave on a casual basis
  • Leave for medical reasons.

M-STHAPNA App for Apply Online Leave for UP

Online leave application for M-STHAPNA.

The Android app can be downloaded from the link to access the leave details

  1. On your device, select “welcome to the log in” once the application process begins.
  2. Close the app by clicking the “exit” button.
  3. Enter the required details and click “login” on the login page.
  4. To close the app, click the “exit” button again.
  5. The next step is to select the e-HRMS user ID from the tab.
  6. Click “OK” after entering the user id.
  7. Click the “ok” tab and enter your password before checking the box.
  8. To access your details, click the “login” button.
  9. Click the “apply for leave” button and then select “check status.” To see pending leave requests, click the “view leave request” button.
  10. By selecting the “exit” tab, you can log out.

How to Apply for Fresh Leave at EHRMS UP APP

  1. If you click the “apply for leave” button on the same app, a leave application will open.
  2. To apply for the leave, fill out all the information and submit it.
  3. Select the type of leave from the page by selecting the leave type button.
  4. Select the type of leave you would like or click “cancel” to cancel it.
  5. Then select the start date from the page and click “ok” or cancel.
  6. Click on the OK button after entering the reason for the leave request.
  7. Select the reporting officer and enter the Manav Sampada id.
  8. Click the submit button after reviewing the details and confirming they are correct.

How to Apply for leave on Manav Sampada UP Portal

  1. UP’s Manav Sampada website can be found at
  2. On the homepage, click the e-HRMS login tab.
  3. User id, password, captcha code, and department name must be entered.
  4. Apply for leave online by selecting “online leave” on the menu.
  5. You can add the reporting officer by clicking on the reporting officer, then clicking on “reporting officer
  6. A leave form will appear on the portal. Select leave under online services on the destination screen and enter the block education officer.
  7. Save the details by entering the name of the reporting officer.
  8. Click apply leave again on the online leave form.
  9. From date to date, select the type.
  10. Next, enter the reason you want to take the leave.
  11. If you will be staying at a different address while on leave, please enter it here.
  12. Complete the process by reviewing the details and submitting the information.
  13. Your mobile number will be notified if you have been accepted or rejected.

How to download m-STHAPNA App

  • EHrms UP portal can be accessed at
  • Select “Download App” on the right side of the homepage
  • You can also download it directly from Google Play:
  • In the Playstore, click the Download button
  • For free, you can use the EHrms UP leave application app.

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