PAO GREF – PAO Gref Monthly Pay Slip PDF Download 2023

A monthly pay slip is available at for 2022 (BRO PAO GREF Monthly Pay Slip 2023)A PDF version of the PAO GREF PAYSLIP 2021-2022 can be downloaded at

In the PAOgref

Indian countries and governments commonly use the PAO GREF Pay slip 2023 or BRO as terms. BROs (Border Road Organization), PAOs (Pay Accounts Offices) and GREFs (General Reserve Engineer Forces) work under the Ministry of Defence. They provide services to Indian borders. The PAO GREF department coordinates the financial and accounting departments. Services include:

  • A pay slip for each month
  • PAO GREF employee pay records.
  • The pay scale.

It provides road maintenance and development services under the Ministry of Defence. The PAO GREF department was formed in 1987, and is responsible for the Indian border area and surrounding countries. Here, the unit is the sole controller and maintains personal accounts for GREF employees under the administrative control of PCDA (SC). It is responsible for managing the GREF employees’ accounts.

Qualified individuals are offered employment by GREF each year. In spite of the huge number of applicants filling GREF vacancies, employees are paid a monthly salary as well as allowances and perks. This differs from one employee to another depending on the length of time employed and the type of position.

Primary duties for successful candidates are assigned to various parts of the country. The GREF recruits are offered monthly salaries and allowances for each GREF member under the PAO. They are to develop and maintain all border roads. They also contribute to proper infrastructure road networks. PAO GREF pay slips, download procedures, registration processes, and login methods are discussed in this article.

This is the PAO GREF Pay Slip for 2023 (BRO Monthly Payslip).

By visiting the website  PAO GREF members can check their salary slips and access their accounts. 

  1. The official website of PAO GREF can be accessed at:
  2. The sign-in process can be initiated by selecting the “Pay details” option on the homepage.
  3. Please click on the following link to login:
  4. Select the submit button after entering your username and password.
  5. The GREF number should be entered in the username section.
  6. BRO GREF members will be able to view their payslips and monthly slips by opening a new tab.

It is possible for GRAF personnel to access all of their salary information on the website. This website only works for members who are logged in and can access the link using their login ID, such as their monthly payslips, check balances, allowances, and perks. In order to receive all login information, the member must first register.

Registering with GREF – Requirements

  • Number of BRO/GREF
  • Contact information for mobile phones and email addresses.
  • Documents proving school qualifications.
  • Aadhaar and PAN cards are proof of citizenship
  • Make sure you are familiar with your residential area and have proof of your physical address. Be able to pinpoint landmarks in the pin code.
  • Names of the parents.

Registration of PAO Gref

Members of GREF can register online, allowing them to access their PAO GREF accounts. They can register using either a mobile or desktop device, and the website view will differ depending on which device they use.

Registration Process for PAO GREF 2023

  1. Go to to visit the official PAO GREF website
  2. Users of desktops should select “New registration” under the header section.
  3. Choose a personal user by clicking on it.
  4. On the right side of the app, users should click on “New registration” in the navigation bar.
  5. There will be an area on the registration form where the individual must fill in their information.
    • If the GREF number has 8 digits, for instance GS 178678, then enter it
    • Enter the year, month, and day of your birth.
    • Select the submit button after entering the pan card number
  6. Put in your personal information, including your first name, middle name, last name, as well as the names of your parents and grandparents.
  7. Fill out the space provided with the GREF number as the username.
  8. Enter the registered email address and mobile number.
  9. Passwords should be strong but easily remembered. Note that capital and small letters, special characters and digits should also be included.
  10. The pin code and city of the physical address should be entered.
  11. Decide on an easy-to-remember security question. Passwords can be forgotten if one asks this question. An easy-to-remember and relevant answer is essential.
  12. Then click on the signup button after checking all the details.
  13. A text message will be sent to the mobile number you registered with the system as an OTP.
  14. Click on the submit button after entering the OTP to confirm all inputs.
  15. GREF personnel can now access the official website using the registration details they received during registration. Check the slip you received in the mail each month.
  16. A copy of the GREF employee’s monthly payslip can also be downloaded and printed.

In order to complete the registration process successfully, you need to follow all the instructions provided on the page.

Log in to PAO GREF with this password recovery method

The GREF website can only be accessed by GREF personnel using their login details. However, in case GREF personnel have other accounts, they may forget their password. The government has provided a safe way to regain their password.

  1. Go to to visit the official PAO GREF website
  2. Next to the login tab, you will find a “forgot password” section on the homepage.
  3. In the next window, you will be asked to fill in your details, including your username, the GREF number, and the registered email address or mobile number.
  4. You can now submit the form.
  5. Once the new password and confirmation has been entered, a reset link will be sent to the given email. Use this link to reset the email and confirm the new password.

A scale of pay and grade pay for BRO & GREF

A BRO’s and GREF’s pay scale is determined by the central government, whereas the documents are produced based on the GREF’s rank or pay scale. GREF members receive a different pay scale based on their rank. Senior GREF members receive different salaries, unlike new recruits. The amount is determined by their time and qualifications. But all GREF members receive the same allowances and perks. They receive a housing allowance, medical, dearness, etc..

The official website for PAO GREF can be found at for more information.

  • Can you tell me what the first password for the PAO Gref Portal User@123 is?
  • Login directly to PAO Gref:
  • When you log in to for the first time, your GREF number is the login ID.

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