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Difference between PRT, TGT and PGT teachers – Full Form of PGT, TGT & PRT

Difference between PRT, TGT and PGT teachers – Full Form of PGT, TGT & PRT  :-  Apart from educational aspects and learning activities in the class. The role of teachers is crucial to a student’s life. They are capable of building character or destroying it. Children’s morals, personalities, and career life are shaped by them. Teachers are a noble profession globally because they instill morals and attributes in them. Full Form of PRT, PGT, and TGT is given below. A high percentage of people’s lives are shaped by the morals and aspects they learn from their teachers.

In India, education has been valued for centuries, with ancient parents introducing their children to Gurukuls. Gurus (teachers) taught essential life skills and knowledge to ensure every child grows up in the right way. There was no uniformity in the treatment of children back then, and all students were taught equally. When the Kings visited, they allowed teachers to sit on the thrones.

It is still significant today that teachers hold such a high status. The majority of young people prefer the profession and obtain teaching degrees and diplomas at colleges and universities. Before applying for jobs at various schools in India, teachers must obtain qualifications at a recognized institution. As a result, students are not misled or taught the wrong system.

The full form of PGT, TGT, and PRT

PRT, TGT, and PGT are all levels of qualification and designation. They mean:

  • A primary teacher is a PRT
  • A TGT is a trained graduate teacher.
  • A PGT is a postgraduate teacher.

A comparison of the teaching levels for the PRT, TGT, and PGT

  • Classes I-V are taught by PRT teachers
  • Class VI-VIII can be taught by TGT teachers
  • Classes IX-XII are taught by PGT teachers.

In order to qualify for PRT, TGT, or PGT, you must meet the following criteria


  • For TGT teachers, 35 years of age is the maximum age limit.
  • It is recommended that one obtains an “A” or a graduate degree from a recognized institution or board of education.
  •  Among the subjects that these teachers teach are:
    • An english language
    • In mathematics
    • The sciences
    • The history
    • In economics
    • The language of the area
    • In geography.


  • An M.SC or postgraduate degree from a recognized institution of education is required for the teacher.
  • An M.A. from a prestigious university with at least 50% aggregate marks is required.
  • It is essential that PGT teachers speak English and Hindi fluently and proficiently.
  • Degree in B.ED from a university recognized for its quality.


  • All subjects should be taught by the teacher.
  • PRT studies are restricted to people over the age of 30.
  • English and Hindi should be the languages of instruction in the PRT.
  • A minimum of 50% marks in the 10+2 or a pass in the 10+2
  • Potential PRT subjects
    • An english language
    • Hindi
    • The sciences
    • Applied mathematics
    • The social sciences
    • Applied engineering
    • The literacy rate
    • The number system

PRT (Primary Teacher)

Elementary and primary school students (classes 1-5) are taught by a qualified PRT teacher. It takes two years for a student to graduate from the Diploma in Elementary Education program, where they can choose to take full-time or distance learning classes. The two-year program is divided into four semesters. The diploma program is offered by many accredited colleges and universities across the country.

TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher)

The TGT teacher can teach up to a class of q/10th. To qualify for the course, one must obtain a B.ED, a two-year program offered by both private and government institutions in India. The entrance exam for the B.ED program must be taken by the teacher before they can apply. Another requirement is to graduate from a UGC-recognized university or college with one of the required streams. Depending on the child’s character, language ability, and other characteristics, a TGT teacher may have different skills.

The following details are covered in the course to ensure the teacher is diversified to meet the needs of each child.

PGT (Postgraduate Teacher)

There are some differences between TGT applicants who take the B.ED after graduation and PGT applicants who must provide the Post Graduate Degree before going for the B.ED course. The course consists of:

For the PRT, TGT, and PGT programs, the following examination bodies are responsible:

  1. (CITET) Central Board of Secondary Education.
  2. KVS (Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan)
  3. NVS (Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti)
  4. DSSSB (Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board)

The Program’s Objectives

  • Educators assist participants in developing leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, and handling different personalities.
  • Become familiar with teaching skills and help the candidate learn them.
  • Students receive quality skills, knowledge, and talents from the program’s teachers.
  • Find out what children’s rights are and what they need.
  • Through proper education delivery, candidates will be empowered and the country’s education system will improve.


  • It’s important to know the meaning of PRT, TGT, and PGT. PRT stands for Primary Teacher TGT stands for Trained Graduate Teacher PGT stands for Post Graduate Teacher.
  • Every teacher should be proficient in English and Hindi as the primary languages.
  • A Primary Teacher (PRT) is a full form of the term
  • In full form, TGT stands for Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT).
  • A Postgraduate Teacher (PGT) is a full form of postgraduate education.

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