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Register your SBI complaint online, check your complaint status, get help with SBI grievances, visit

Register your SBI complaint online, check your complaint status, get help with SBI grievances, visit – A complaint online is resolved through the Complaints And Compliments portal available through the State Bank of India customer service portal. A complaint status can be checked online via the SBI customer support portal at

Complaint filed with SBI

The State Bank of India (SBI) is one of India’s most reliable banks which was established during the first decade of the 19th century. The State Bank of India (SBI) provides banking and financial services to consumers and businesses throughout the country. In addition to being India’s oldest commercial bank with 23% market share, SBI is also the largest with 23% market share in assets. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Customers Relationship Management (CRM) and Cash Management Services (CMS) were both managed by this bank using both online and offline methods. The purpose of this article is to provide information on how to register complaints with the State Bank of India (grievance redress) and check the status of the complaint.

Complaints by SBI online

The article Redressing SBI complaints (or registering SBI complaints)
CATEGORIES Compliments and complaints
It’s a bank The Government of India’s State Bank
The sector In the public sector
The mode Both online and offline
Website of SBI
The official website of CMS SBI CMS:

Grievance Redress at SBI

In order to resolve the problems customers faced during their money transactions, the State Bank of India developed CMS (Cash Management Services). Several different complaint categories are handled by CMS. It facilitates both online and offline transactions.

  • Associated with ATMs
  • Advancing
  • UPI (BHIM SBI Pay)
  • The demat
  • The deposit
  • Banking in general
  • Schemes offered by the government
  • Flows of remittances
  • Services for NRIs
  • The following technologies are available for banking: Internet Banking, Prepaid Cards, Yono lite SBI
  • Transaction that was not authorized
  • Oh, Yono!

SBI Online Complaints: How Do I Register?

  1. This article provides information about how to register a complaint with the SBI both online and offline.
  2. An online grievance redressal service provided by State Bank of India is as follows:
  3. Follow the link to open the official website of SBI
  4. Your screen will display the option for Customer care in the top right corner.
  5. Upon clicking on the link, you will see four options: SMS unhappy, send a complaint, register a complaint, and submit a customer request and a complaint.
  6. The complaint should be registered.

What Should I Do If I Have a Complaint About SBI Customer Support?

  • If you would like to receive a customer complaint form directly, open the following link.
  • Complaints and compliments (or) (subdomain) –
  • Please enter information regarding the customer type (Existing SBI customers or non-customers – those whose cards are prepaid, metro or canteen cards), their account number, complaint name, branch code, mobile number, and the details of their complaint.
  • Make sure all the details are filled out correctly.
  • In a maximum of 500 characters, describe your complaints briefly.
  • The string given in the image should be entered.
  • You can either SUBMIT or RESET the form if you wish to enter all the information again.

A status report on the complaint of SBI for 2023

  1. The SBI complaint status can also be viewed there
  2. Please visit
  3. The complaint ticket number and mobile number must be entered.
  4. Once that has been done, enter the string shown in the picture.
  5. The Submit option should be selected.
  6. Upon receiving your complaint, you will be informed of its status.

Using SMS to check the status of a complaint with SBI

To check the status of a complaint with the State Bank of India, dial 1800112211 (or) 18004253800 with the complaint number to be found on your ticket.

What is the process for registering an online complaint with the State Bank of India?

  • CMS complaints can also be lodged offline through the following procedure with the State Bank of India.
  • If you have an account at SBI, you can visit the branch nearest to your house.
  • Getting in touch with the branch’s Customer Service Executive will be helpful. The branch’s Executive or General Manager will have a “Complaints Book”.
  • It is where you should enter your complaint.
  • A copy of your complaint will be sent to you as an acknowledgement.
  • Likewise, you will receive an SMS acknowledging receipt to your mobile phone number.
  • It is expected that the complaint will be resolved within three weeks of being registered.
  • It is necessary for them to explain why this is the case.

In addition, if the issue is not resolved in the branch office, you can file a complaint with the regional Head Office manager. They have five days to resolve the issue.

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