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Login to the School of Open Learning OBE portal at | DU SOL OBE Course List 2022 | Registration 2023

Login to the School of Open Learning OBE portal at | DU SOL OBE Course List 2022 | Registration 2023 – A tutorial has been prepared to help students with the registration process at 2022 for School Of Open Learning DU courses 2023.

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Having incorporated a program for online/long-distance learning to provide education to people living in distant areas, Delhi University understands the concept of quality education and the need to diversify its services. With this initiative, millions of students in Delhi and India are able to obtain UG and PG degrees. This has led to improved literacy rates and an increase in the country’s number of professionals.

Delhi University (University of Delhi) established the School of Open Learning (SOL) in 1962. Through an open learning system, the college offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In addition to Arts and Humanities courses, the University and college offer accredited courses that help students gain employment.

School of Opening Learning Open Book Examination (SOL OBE)

A top college in the country, the school of open learning provides flexible and reliable courses that allow students to study from anywhere in the country. The school provides open admissions and registration through digital platforms for easy administration. Students can check the 2022-23 Exam dates, registration information, and login details via the official website: The open book examinations (OBE) are administered every year for the purpose of student admissions and campus entries.

Login and Examination Details for SOLOBE Registration

In the SOL OBE University of Delhi, students can see the current registration and exam schedule. More than 2 lakh students have registered with the School of Open Learning over the years, and the college has produced numerous successful graduates in arts, humanities, commerce, social sciences, and commerce humanities.

Courses offered by DU SOL for the academic year 2023 for UG & PG

Courses offered by DU SOL for undergraduates Courses offered by DU SOL in the postgraduate level
English BA with honors Political Science Master’s Degree
Program in B.A. History M.A.
Program in B.Com. M.A. in Hindi
Honours B.Com. Sanskrit M.A.
Courses for postgraduates An M.Com. degree

The DU SOLO OBE portal has the following features and benefits:

Various details are available on the platforms, including:

  • A simple and easy method for registering for an exam, downloading it, and logging in.
  • The online version of question papers can be accessed by students.
  • SOL OBE allows users to download their Hall Tickets
  • From the portal, you can easily view your results.
  • Question papers from previous years

A registration form for will be available in 2023

What you need to know about registering online with SOL OBE

  1. You can access the Delhi University School of Open Learning OBE website at
  2. You can access the registration form by clicking the “New Registration” option on the homepage.
  3. Please enter the required information, such as your email address, mobile number, program, name of the exam, and roll number.
  4. After the information has been verified, the system will give you login credentials for review. Review the information and click the registration button

Please log in to the Solobe portal at to access the DuSol OBE Portal

A step-by-step guide to logging into the SOL OBE DU website

In order to log in, the applicants must enter the login credentials they created during the registration process.

  1. Please visit the OBE website portal of DU SOL
  2. Visit
  3. You can log in by selecting the login option and entering your email address and password.
  4. Several services will appear on the dashboard once the system is launched.
  5. Detailed information about the OBE exam can be found here, including instructions, examination date, and time.

SOL OBE will be updated to include the exam results as soon as the relevant exam body and university release them. Students can check their marks online and download them for reference by logging into the SOL OBE portal.

What you need to know about downloading the DU SOL OBE questions

  • The SOL OBE website can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Visit
  • The account can be accessed by entering your login information.
  • If you would like to view or download OBE Question papers, click the “download/view” option.
  • Please enter the title/code of the paper, the course, the e-mail address, and the URL of the paper.
  • Click on “view/download question paper” after checking your course and subject.
  • A download icon will be displayed when you click the question paper.
  • Prepare the answer sheet by writing the answers on the paper and scanning them.
  • Once the answer sheet has been uploaded, the process can be completed.


  • School of Open Learning (SOL) Full Form
  • In order to avoid inconvenience, all students should arrive before the scheduled time. The exam will last for four hours (except Divyaang students). In the Divyaang students, three hours are given for answering questions and one hour is given for IT activities (downloading, scanning, uploading, etc.). Four hours are allocated for question-answer questions and two for uploading and scanning the answers.
  • DU SOL OBE Portal Official Portal.

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