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A login portal for employees of UCO Bank HRMS is available at

A login portal for employees of UCO Bank HRMS is available at – Through the HRMS UCO official portal 2023, employees can log in to the United Commercial bank (UCO bank) HRMS system.

Login to UCO HRMS: UCO Bank HRMS

Since 1943, UCO Bank has offered a variety of services to Indian customers. Previously known as United Commercial Bank, it is a state-owned commercial bank. The bank was established in Kolkata in 1943. With the growth of the bank over the years, it has expanded into other countries as well. With thousands of employees, the bank runs the banking activities in the bank branches across the country. It has been one of the largest companies in India for years.

The UCO HRMS website portal was introduced by UCO bank to reach and address the employee’s needs. This is a legal platform where employees can resolve their issues. They can check their salary payslips, loans, updates, and other different issues through the site. HR offices are less congested due to employment issues like issuing payslips.

HRMS: what is it?

A UCO bank employee can view and receive information by using the Human Resources Management System online. Employees can access the online service portal to request payslips, raise complaints, request leave allowances, and to receive information about their PF accounts. A positive working environment is enhanced by the online service portal.

Using the UCO HRMS portal has many benefits

As an employer, not only are you able to view employee updates, but you can also raise issues with your employees through the HRMS.

Employee Benefits at UCO BANK

  • Employees can access HR information using the portal, which saves them time and resources.
  • Directly from their leaders, employees receive all relevant information.
  • This information is fast and has not been tampered with or influenced by other sources.
  • A portal provided by the HRMS allows employees to view information about their PF accounts.
  • They can access and download any document they need directly from the portal.
  • Using self-service, employees can check about their salaries without consulting their managers and can take a pay slip from any month they wish.

Benefits offered by employers

  • All employee details can be accessed by employers through the portal without meeting the employees in person.
  • Performance appraisals can be made based on the information.
  • As a result, there are fewer complaints from employees about salaries and other issues in the offices.

Employee Login for UCO Bank HRMS

Using the employee login details, employees can access the official website. The login process consists of the following steps:

  1. For more information, please visit on the official website of UCO
  2. You can leave the related detail tab on the homepage after clicking on salary performance.
  3. During the subscription process, employees will receive login details from their employers or managers. Enter your employee ID and password.
  4. You will be directed to the HRMS account after entering the captcha code on the page.

Process for recovering a forgotten password for UCO HRMS

When accessing the HRMS page, employees must login using a password. Sometimes they forget or have difficulty logging in. Employees can recover their password by following the steps provided below.

  1. is the official portal of UCO HRMS
  2. You can reset your password by clicking the forgot password link on the homepage.
  3. If you have a registered mobile number, you will receive an OTP on that number.
  4. Click on the submit button after entering your OTP on the authentication space.
  5. Change your password by entering a new one and clicking on the change password button.
  6. By logging into the HRMS with the new password, the portal will automatically change your password.

Help desk complaints for UCO HRMS

Various HRMS issues, including problems logging in, salary slips not being downloaded correctly, missing information, and other HRMS issues are resolved by UCO’s customer care desk.

Help can be obtained by contacting the following numbers and email addresses.

The email address
Here is the contact information You can reach us at 033-4455-9752
Information about how to contact Department of Information and Technology -2, 3&4DD block, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064

Several features of the UCO HRMS portal make it an important tool for UCO bank employees, including registering and creating additional logins that the employer may provide. New employees must enter the correct information once they have done this.

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