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Register at Udiseplus.gov.in,Login at Udiseplus.gov.in,Data Entry and School Registration for 2023 :-  Visit www.udiseplus.gov.in to gain access to the UDISE Plus portal. How to enter data in the UDISE portal. UDISE Plus school report card.

The UDISE Plus

Schools and educational institutions in the country can run efficiently and effectively with a unified education system. A unified education system allows stakeholders to manage resources and deliver high-quality education. Through its Ministry/Departments of Education, India’s central and state governments work to ensure that education programs are effective, reliable, and high quality. The system is then aligned with learners’ needs and produces qualified candidates as a result.

As part of the Indian education system, the UDISE+ portal has been developed. UDISE plus, a new version of the UDISE, assists educators in collecting data in real time and providing students’ and schools’ information in real time. The Department of School Education, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the National Informatics Center develop the UDISE+ portal information to allow teachers, parents, and other school stakeholders to track a child’s progress.

Uttar Pradesh Plus UDISE

For the purpose of compiling all school details in a single portal, the Uttar Pradesh State government has created the UDISE+ platform. In addition to providing education information, this platform also provides school and student progress, school codes, reports of schools, and student data to UP students, parents, and teachers. UDISE plus users can register by clicking https://www.udiseplus.gov.in/#/home.



A school’s UDISE code is an identifier assigned by the UDISE platform. Each school represented in the UDISE portal is given its own UDISE code. The UDISE plus platform provides comprehensive school data in Uttar Pradesh and India. To get access to school information quickly, individuals should provide a UDISE code. The UDISE code is 11 digits and varies from school to school. It covers all school cycles (opening to closing).

  • Generation of UDISE codes
  • School amendments
  • The status of the UDISE has changed
  • Closure of schools.

It is impossible to share UDISE codes, because they are produced only once. The school gains the UDISE code once, and it becomes a permanent one. If the school shuts/closes, the system will keep its code. There is no online option for schools to change their codes; instead, they must visit their district or state offices.


Entries into the database The website address is:
Managing users and school directories through the log-in page This link will direct you to https://udiseplus.gov.in/ud/home?longId=1
Profile and facilities of the UDISE Plus Here is the link to udiseplus.gov.in/udiseprofile
School knowledge Visit https://src.udiseplus.gov.in
Detailed reports The URL for this port is PORT.
The registration of school users User registration information can be found at https://udiseplus.gov.in/ud/userRegistrationInfo

UDISE Plus Portal: How to Register

  1. For more information about UDISE Plus, please visit the official website
  2. UDISE Plus: http://www.udiseplus.gov.in/#/home
  3. Student SDMS portal will be displayed on the homepage.
  4. A new page will be opened once you select the “Registration” tab.
  5. Complete the mandatory details to proceed with the registration process.
  6. Press the continue button after reviewing the page’s guidelines.
  7. Attach the required documents after clicking the I agree button.
  8. After entering a valid mobile phone number and email address, click Continue.
  9. In this case, a mobile OTP will be sent to the number entered by the user.
  10. Complete the registration process by entering the code.

Sign in to UDISE

A step-by-step guide to logging in to the UDISE plus portal by 2022 (for all users)

  • UDISE Plus can be found at the website.
  • UDISE Plus: http://www.udiseplus.gov.in/#/home
  • Please click the “login” button once you have opened the login page.
  • Press the sign-in button after entering your username and password.

UDISE Plus Login

What you need to know about entering data in the UDISE portal

  • UDISE’s official website can be found here.
  • You will be redirected to a new page after clicking on “login for data entry”.
  • Press the login button after entering your username and password.
  • The data entry section can be accessed once you have logged in.

Here’s what you need to do to find your school (any school)

  • UDISE Plus is accessible via the UDISE website. The school report card website is also available.
  • You can continue by choosing “Missing schools”.
  • Enter the required school details on the new page.
  • Your screen will display the school location once the system has processed the information.

Checking the school report card on UDISE Plus

  • UDISEPlus can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Please visit https://www.udiseplus.gov.in/
  • From the homepage, you can access the “school report card“.
  • Choosing the name or UDISE code will display two options.
  • The school report card can be obtained by entering the UDISE code, for example.
  • The card can be downloaded by clicking the download tab.

The UDISE Plus Portal has the following benefits

  • All student information is accessible through the portal, which makes it easier for schools to manage students.
  • The school information can be checked by parents/guardians before enrolling their children.
  • By using the UDISE Code, you can sort schools easily.
  • The UDISE plus portal allows the UP government to monitor schools’ progress easily.
  • As a whole, the education department can gather statistics on schools, students, and enrollment.

FAQ’s on UDISE Plus.gov.in

  • Which is the best way to get in touch with the UDISE plus helpline?
  • Alternatively, the user may contact us by email at udiseplus-mhrd.gov.in or by telephone at 011-23765605.
  • Logging into the UDISE portal.
  • Would you like to use the full form?
  • The UDISE system is the UNIFIED DISTRICT INFORMATION SYSTEM for Education.

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