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To prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19, several rules have been developed in various jurisdictions. The government of Maharashtra has now released the Universal Travel Pass Registration Form 2022 online, aimed at preventing the spread of Corona. There have been numerous other states that have followed in Maharashtra’s footsteps in using Universal Travel Pass forms. Many people throughout the country have received the two doses of Corona vaccine.

Those who receive both dosages, as well as those participating actively in important services, may be eligible to receive a Universal Travel Pass. It won’t be a problem for them to go anywhere because of this. The Universal Travel Pass will be discussed in today’s article.

Universal Travel Pass

A Universal Travel Pass, a QR-code-based electronic pass that facilitates travel between states in India, may be used by those who have been completely vaccinated to access bus services, buildings, airlines, workplaces, train stations, and shopping malls.

This pass gives you freedom to go anywhere you want without interference. In reality, you will not be granted a ticket until you show this pass, as required by the government and the Railway Department. If you can provide proof that you have received both doses of the COVID-19 immunization, you will be able to obtain this pass. If you are interested in applying for this pass, you must know the following information. To receive your UTP, simply fill out and send in the application form.

There has been an announcement made by the Railway Department and the government that tickets and seats will not be issued to passengers without a universal pass. With the introduction of the Universal Travel Pass, ticket sales and travel throughout the state are expected to improve.

Universal Travel Pass Overview

Name of the service Universal Travel Pass.
Launched by Maharashtra State Government
Authority Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department,
Purpose of issuing the UTP To allow Intrastate as well as Interstate Movement amidst Restrictions
Application mode Online
Official website epassmsdma.mahait.org

Universal Travel Pass Objectives

The pass consists of the following objectives:

  • While the COVID-19 outbreak is underway, the Universal Pass allows safe passage throughout the country, as well as ensuring that all healthcare and academic facilities are operational and available.
  • Physical verification will no longer be required to identify vaccinated individuals with the Universal Pass.
  • E-passes based on QR codes make travel safer and easier.
  • With the Universal Pass, travelers will not be able to travel with phony IDs in accordance with COVID-19.
  • Rail and rickshaw transfers will be possible with the Universal Pass.
  • As well as facilitating interstate travel, the Universal Pass eliminates the need to repeat RT-PCR tests.

Universal Travel Pass Features

  • Persons who have been vaccinated against both Corona virus strains in Maharashtra are allowed to travel by regional trains. In Mumbai, immunization records are checked offline before permits are issued.
  • This website provides online e-passes for critical service personnel and other residents. The Disaster Management, Relief & Rehabilitation Department of Maharashtra created the website to make travel easier.

Universal Travel Pass Eligibility

Users must fulfill the eligibilities before applying:

  • Maharashtra residents are eligible to apply for UTP.
  • In order to qualify for UTP, children must be at least 18 years old.
  • Medical, educational, and public service workers are the only ones eligible to apply for UTP.
  • In order to apply, you must be in a UTP category or subcategory that qualifies.
  • To register for UTP, you must provide the authorities with the relevant information.

Universal Travel Pass Documents

  • Identification card for Aadhaar
  • Identification document issued by the government
  • Voter ID Industrial papers
  • Phone number
  • Registered business, etc.

Universal Travel Pass Applying Procedure Through Telegram

  • Firstly, you need to download Telegram from Google Play.
  • You must enter ‘Mahagov‘ in this application.
  • Select ‘MahaGovUniversalPass‘ after this.
  • On the next page, you must click “Start.”
  • Choose “Apply for Universal Pass” next.
  • On the new page, you must provide your cellphone number in order to receive both immunizations.
  • Your registered cellphone number will receive an OTP [One-Time Password].
  • Click the Verify button after entering the correct information.
  • Your information will appear on the screen after clicking.
  • You must check and click Yes to verify.
  • Click confirm picture after selecting your image from the gallery.
  • A final confirmation with all pertinent information will appear on the next page.
  • The button for confirming details must be clicked.
  • Choosing to Apply for Universal Pass is the next step.
  • This pass may be easy to obtain if you meet the requirements.

Universal Travel Pass Applying Procedure Through Main Site

  • Visit epassmsdma.mahait.com for more information.
  • Select “Universal Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens” under the heading “Citizen“. 
  • In order to register for CoWIN, please provide the cell phone number you used.
  •  You were emailed a one-time password. Enter it.
  •  It would be possible to find out whether the applicant and their dependents have been immunized against COVID-19. 
  • On the pass, the applicant’s data will be displayed, along with an area for them to add a photo. Click “Generate Pass” to begin. 
  • You will need to upload an image to submit your application. Click “Apply” to submit your image.
  • The application will receive an SMS with a link that allows users to download the Universal Pass within 48 hours
  • Ensure your mobile device is saved with the pass once you have received the link.

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